Yesterday I met my brother’s girlfriend, Katrine, for the first time. What with me being admittedly (and at times exaggeratedly so) socially awkward, I figured I’d be the most nervous out of the three of us. Especially since Katrine hails from Denmark and, despite our countries having bridged (literally) the distance between us, there is a very distinct language barrier to overcome. 
It turned out that Katrine was just as – maybe even more – nervous as I was.  Possibly so because my brother practically forced was very eager for us to meet.

I had been looking forward to meeting Kat. Well, sort of. The whole socially awkward-thing kind of turns every new extroverted happening into a chapter from a George R.R. Martin novel… 

Anyway, Fredrik had suggested that we’d go see a movie, which I was all for. He wanted to see the remake of Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, which I vetoed on the grounds of it being a movie about teenage ninja mutant turtles. 
Instead I suggested we’d go see Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman (both of whom I’m a big fan), and written & directed by Luc Besson, which is the mastermind behind some of my favorite movies (LéonThe Fifth Element, NikitaThe Transporter). 
We’d all seen the trailer which seemed very promising, so I didn’t even have to use any of my guile to convince either of them (which I almost thought was a small letdown since I had prepared myself for a battle of the wits). 

Unfortunately, apart from the first 13,5 minutes (roughly) and a few other well written/acted scenes, it was a complete disaster. I thought it was overly pretentious and trying way too hard while somehow still managing to be lazy – parts of it almost seemed to be taken straight from Through the Wormhole, which, for those who don’t know, is a science show narrated by Freeman. 
The worst part is that it was my suggestion. I’m guessing that’ll be held against me next time we’re going to the movies. 

Despite the unfortunate movie experience, it was really nice to meet Katrine. I have pretty high standards for any girl who wants to date my brother and so far she measures up (unlike the movie)!


Duh Duh datta datta da da da da (also known as Entrance of the Gladiators by Julius Fucik)

Last Friday my brother turned 29 and as usual we (meaning my family and I) went through the birthday celebratory checklist: we had cake, he got gifts, I reminded him that he was now yet another year closer to Boca, FL and the Shady Oaks retirement home… You know, the usual stuff.

Since we’re a small family (for a bit longer, anyways), we usually go out to dinner on special occasions; this year we decided to forfeit that for a different activity, one I, in particular, was really excited about: we went to the circus!
(To be honest, there’s a chance that I might’ve actually been way more excited than many of the children there and most of them were really, really, stoked…)

Cirkus Scott is one of the biggest and most famed circuses in Sweden and when they announced that they’d make Malmö one of their last stops for their summer tour, I was overjoyed! Before this Friday the 5th of September, B.C. (which of course refers to “Before Circus“), I’d never been to the circus and it was most definitely on my bucketlist.

To pick just one favorite act should almost be considered sacrilege, but if I had to, it’d probably be the parrot show… Or Guillaume Becar’s “Comedy Horse” act… Or maybe Duo Manducas… Or Nicko Rcs And William Torres’ Wheel of Death performance…
They were, really, all so great, in different ways, that it’s impossible for me to choose just one and I had so much fun! I’m already looking forward to next time! :D

Speaking of Duo Manducas! I found a video of the talented (and so strong!) Toni Ferreira and Alexandre Machado performing their acrobatic comedy act:


Cue the epiphany!

Oh, NOW I get the whole “When Four asks Tris if she wants to see his tattoo, all the fangirls go ‘I think we all do'”-thing.
We. All. Do.

So, I just finished watching Divergent and I’m kind of in love with Tris (and Shailene Woodley) and Four (and Theo James).
Sadly, I’m also madly attracted to Eric (but happily so when it comes to Jai Courtney).

Divergent was actually really good. Better than I had imagined it to be. Pretty actors (oh, so many pretty actors and I do so enjoy pretty actors), a credible storyline (you can always nitpick, of course, but why take away the enjoyment of watching a movie by doing so?), and I definitely got a kick out of seeing Ansel Elgort playing the brother to his The Fault in Our Stars-girlfriend, Shailene Woodley

I was almost actually a tiny bit surprised that Theo James and Shailene Woodley weren’t a real life couple, I thought they had a great chemistry. Definitely looking forward to seeing ms. Woodley interact with Ansel Elgort in TFiOS (so far I’m really impressed by her). 

‘Twas a good movie night.

Probably shouldn’t have quit my day job

Hangin’ out at home, feelin’ kinda low, singin’ the “My best friend left me to go to Rhodos”-blues.

Like, for serious, what does Rhodos have that I don’t? ‘cept gorgeous boys, white, sandy beaches and an azure ocean.

So, yeah. My friend up and left for a week in Rhodos earlier today and after several failed attempts at finding room for me in her suitcase (I could very well be the least flexible person in the history of the Milky Way – I won’t go as far as excluding all possible life forms in the rest of the universe, because, well, you never really know, but definitely in MW), I decided to just marathon the first 10 seasons of ANTM (that’s America’s Next Top Model, as if you didn’t already know), followed by the final season of The Tudors and then maybe a few episodes of Doctor Who while honing my blues songwriting skills – and I say that I can’t multi-task?! 

Bestie better bring back some awesome souvenirs, is all I’m sayin’. 
(Actually, if you’re reading this, just have tons of fun – for me, too – and send a postcard! I don’t even care that you’ll get back before it does, just send one anyway.)

And finally, enjoy this video of the amazing Ross sisters contortionist act. I’ve watched it, for educational purposes, like four – six times (meaning five actual times), and I still can’t decide if it’s just mindbogglingly fantastic or a bit on the creepy side. 



I think most of my friends – on Facebook, primarily, since I’ve yet to be able to procure a pair of Google Glasses and therefore am not (yet) able to pester share my profound wisdom (you know what, even I think that that’s laying it on a bit thick), I mean, share what I’m sure will be part of the golden search history related to my name in the future – are starting to tire of me and my fanaticism.
(Though I do think that as far as “fanaticism” goes, mine is tolerable.)

Anyway, my current obsession is the ALS IBC, or “the Ice Bucket Challenge”, simply put. By now, I doubt there’s anyone unaware of what the ALS IBC is (with the possible exception of my parents who’s primary source of social media hype is my blog and as I have yet to post about it, they’ve probably not seen or heard anything related to it; that will change), but to recap – because, as my all of my high school teachers discovered not too long into my first semester, and thereafter chided me oft’ times for, I have a flare for writing long sentences with an infinite amount of subordinate clauses and parentheses – it’s, kind of, a gimmick created by the ALS Association to help spread awareness of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease). 

In itself, it is a worthy cause. I have been fortunate to have been spared any personal experience of many of the life-taking diseases that still exist, but I’m not unaware of them, nor of what they do to those affected directly or indirectly by them. 

(Forgive me): An oh-so-shallow but “nice” side-effect (that felt awkward typing) of the ALS stratagem, is that a lot of celebrities have picked up on it, posting videos all over the great world wide web showing them being drenched in bucket of ice cold water by their “loved ones”. 
A lot of my favorite celebrities have already accepted the challenge and even better, they keep challenging each other. I’ve already had the pleasure of watching Tom Hiddleston, on an admittedly unhealthy loop, “taking the bucket”. Earlier today I also saw Chris Hemsworth getting iced and as if that wasn’t as close to Mount Olympus/Nirvana/Middle Earth and Hogwarts as I’ve ever been, he then challenged CHRIS EVANS (yes, that’s all bolded caps, that’s how excited I am!) and Jeremy Renner! Tom also challenged Benedict Cumberbatch and Luke Evans, so you can obviously see why I’m enjoying this side-effect, right? 

The newest ALS IBC I’ve seen is that of Misha Collins (again, forgive me for I am about to take another plunge into the shallow end of the pool), and I have always enjoyed his tweetisms, but this was one of the few non-SPN related videos with him I’ve seen and I can’t get over how different his voice sounds from that of Castiel. 
It’s like watching a poorly dubbed, foreign movie…

And as far as “gimmicks” goes, this one has been really succesful: the last I saw, it had raised $15 million in donations!!

“It’s smaller on the outside”

I could’ve gone the easy way, naming this post “It’s bigger on the inside“, but I figure that the Doctor rarely takes the easy way out (or ever; tough that’s not always up to him, nor his companions) and that is why I decided to consult my copy of “The Quotable Doctor Who” (I did predict that it’d come in handy, didn’t I?) and so I found this… umm… different… but suitable… quote. That… I, umm, found. 

Let’s move on. At a brisk pace.

Anyway. I’ve been waiting for a very specific package for what feels like your slightly-longer-than-average eternity and, finally, this Thursday, while I was hovering at my kitchen window, waiting for the postman to bring to light what was in his satchel (…his bicycle basket), I SAW it! 
I saw the rather inconspicuous opaque plastic parcel which I knew contained what I’d so long longed for (that is a workable sentence):

It’s my very own, wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey tote bag! :D 

It’s handmade by the incredibly talented Katarzyna, also known as Koroa on (among other things) RedBubble, which is where I found this piece of wearable art that I am now madly in love with.
…As far as being in love with inanimate objects go, that is. 


Never give in, never give up!

Running day.

When my alarm went off this morning, all I wanted to do was to pull the covers over my head and stay in bed. It didn’t help that I had one cat on the pillow next to me, purring softly as she could tell that I was awake, and the other curled up on my back. (Tiny saboteurs!)

But I took a deep breath, and reminded myself that “when you least feel like it, that’s when you need it the most”, softly whispered “food!” to my cats – that always gets them running – got up, got my Nikes on and went out. I’ll admit that it was far from my best run and I’m really glad that my mom couldn’t hear me (she already thinks I curse too much), but at least I did it, I didn’t give in.

And I was actually told by a friend today, that I looked fit and healthy, which made me really happy! I know I still have a way to go before I’ve reached my goal, but hearing someone else tell me that they’ve noticed a difference is pretty awesome!


Image via BeFitPhotos @ Tumblr