In the here and now

(I know, super corny title, but it was either “In the here and now” or “Painting mindfully”, which actually felt even cornier…)

Today I went with my brother on my suggestion – believe it or not – to Emporia, the largest and, in my opinion, by far the best mall in Malmö; in all of Sweden in my, admittedly slightly limited, experience.

It was, doubtlessly, one of my worst ideas to date.
I probably say this a lot (due to being severally cognizantly challenged – my memory is really that bad), but it felt as I’ve never seen such a copious amount of people gathered in one place, while not being at a convention (I imagine).

Anyway. The reason we went there (and continued on, even after having seen the insane amount of cars in the parking lot), was because I’ve been struggling to keep my mind at ease; I need something to preoccupy it [my mind]  to keep it from wandering off into “the forbidden forest zone, where the unwelcome thoughts pray on the unguarded”, and I was entertaining the thought of re-covering the top plateau of my cats’ jungle gym, since it’s been through a lot of wear and tear, and with my limited knowledge I would need a guide.

Off to the Akademibokhandeln we went.
Normally, my brother is not the quickest to pick up on the thinning of the layer of my outer comfort zone, but this time it was practically tangible, and he, who has no problem being in the midst of large crowds himself, saw that it was affecting me, so after a quick visit to aforementioned bookstore, we were set to be on our way.

I didn’t find a suitable DIY-book, but did happen across one of the currently top trending types of books; mindful coloring books, containing pre-drawn pictures you can color in yourself.
This is a popular “tool” to keep your mind in the moment (aka to be mindful), as you have to focus on the coloring. The book I found myself instantly drawn to is one called Dagdrömmar – Daydreams – illustrated by Hanna Karlzon.
As I’m trying to stay on a budget, I didn’t feel I could afford it, which is when my brother offered to buy it for me ❤


Can’t wait to try it out! 🐰😍

Jamais Vu. Sort of.

I’m aware that my memory is extremely bad. Dory ain’t got nuffin’ on me! 🐠

Lately, I’ve had two scare induced hiccup sitatuions happen to me, where I’ve thought I’d lost my car keys (turns out that I’d left them in the pocket of a clothing item both times).

I’m very fond of my car… Some (my family) would possibly even go as far as describing it as unhealthily so.
I’ve named her and keep referring to her as my Baby (though I consider myself in good company as the [fictional] man of my dreams, Dean Winchester, does the same with his Impala).

Anyway. Yesterday my parents came to visit and with them brought the iHere3, which is a Bluetooth device for finding lost keys, phones and, yes, even cars.

Trust me when I say that I have no complaints about this, despite whatever it’s saying about my shoddy memory. I’m just grateful there are people out there who invents stuff like this.


Addendum: “In psychology, jamais vu (French, meaning “never seen”) is the phenomenon of experiencing a situation that one recognizes in some fashion, but that nonetheless seems very unfamiliar.”

It’s a learning curve

You know what they say – All good things come to those who wait – so just sit back and watch as I write something that will bring forth laughter, tears and a heart-jerk or two, in that order, but necessarily by you! (And just like that I feel the pressure of composing a masterpiece rise like the center of the earth’s temperature! I’m a tough critic.)

Luckily for me, Daniel Radcliffe is standing (actually sitting) by, ready to come to my rescue. Meaning I won’t actually have to write much in order to make you laugh; and I know for a fact that he‘s the one nearing tears and that mine is the heart that will jerk, not once, not twice but thrice (’cause after that it’s just plain dangerous), due to him being such a gem <3

A day at the zoo (park)

Two weeks ago, I spent a wonderful day at Skånes Djurpark in Höör, with my parents, where I got to see the feeding of the baby bear cubs and their mom (the cubs seemed to favor the watermelon while momma bear knew how important it is to eat your veggies and munched on bell pepper), racoons (by their keepers affectionately called “the teens of the animal kingdom” as all they do is eat and sleep); arctic foxes (incredibly adorable but a tad too fast for any good photos to be taken); a brilliant flight show with a Kestrel – Hiri – and a Peregrine – Loa; Lynxes (again, the babies where sooo cute: one of them saw beneath a tree and chewed on… something, let’s not delve into details about what); Aurochs and their relatives Wisents and many, many more.

Having wished to go there for over a year, I was like a kid at a zoo.
Actually, I was easily way more excitable than the actual kids. (I heard two of them asking their mom when they would get to go home and, upon hearing the reply “when we’ve seen all the animals”, audibly sigh and I think one of them actually started sulkily crying – kids; with their iPads and smart phones and thingymajigs! I’m forcing my kids to join the scouts and possibly also locking them outdoors during summer.)

Unfortunately all the photos and videos are still on my Dad’s phone so all I have to post on my blog is a picture of my souvenir; Vincenzo the Wisent (I named him myself), taking over my cats’ whatchamacallit:


I’m already planning on going back later this summer, to see the animals we didn’t get to visit (there was too many animals to make a full round), and to pet “my” goat and “my” swine (they’re called Linderödsgris and are super cuddly <3 )… and maybe try to pick up a bear cub and bolt.

Predator “clicking” noise – aka Dad’s rumbling stomach

My Dad has what I’ve come to call the Predator Stomach growl. Or, alternatively, the Velociraptor challenge call, since we both have “growling” stomachs – sometimes, I refer to it as the Battle of the Bellies, as it seems as if we’re trying to decide which one of us is the Alpha.

All packs have their own ways of deciding pecking order. Ours is the way of the rumbling bellies.

Propriété publique?

If I could trust Google translate (or, for that matter, my own high school French), enough, I’d probably try to write this post in French, so as to not seem like the typical (?) envious co-fan in a different part of Europe.
…I’m pretty sure I’d be exposed as a fraud immediately, which I won’t even give it a go.

Anyway, being, quite possibly, THE no. 1 anti-media media addict, I found an article about how Ian Somerhalder (of The Vampire Diares fame – as if he needed an introduction) “had acted like a d*ick to his French fans” (who, by the way, had waited outside the hotel were Ian & Nikki were spending their honeymoon), who wanted nothing more than a photo op with their fave ‘sucker.

Ian, reportedly, went off on a “lecture” about how this was his (and wifey, Nikki’s,) day and even though he loves his fans, this wasn’t the time for pictures and signing etc.
This has since been – in my opinion – blown WAY out of proportion.

Let’s all try to be honest here, if it hadn’t been Ian, but Gaspard (no. 66 on the most popular names of French baby boys – I felt I wanted something that sounded “unmistakably” French, and Gaspard was one of the first I noticed, other than Baptiste, which I thought was a bit “on the nose” – don’t judge me!), who’d spent his anniversary at said hotel, and a complete stranger came up to him and asked him if he’d be willing to take a photo of the stranger with the Eiffel Tower on his head (I have very limited knowledge of France).

Gaspard might’ve said yes. It wouldn’t have taken him long and he and Élise (no. 48, French baby girls’ names), have been happily married for 25 years (and his eyes still glitters when he looks at her, and she still believes he would pick her the pretties star out of the sky if only he could) – only thing is, the tourist isn’t happy with the outcome of the photo. He should’ve been standing a bit more to the left, or maybe Gaspard should’ve. What if he, the tourist, moved three paces backwards? Or if Gaspard got down on his knee?

Eventually, even a good man, such as Gaspard, would start thinking that it’s taking up too much of his and Élise’s special day and politely tell the tourist that it is, in fact, their anniversary and they have a table book for 8pm.
A normal tourist would not take this as offense against his own person, but rather be grateful that Gaspard had, despite this fact, made an effort (such as I personally think Ian did, telling his fans that he loves them, but that this was his special day. That he’s there for his fans every other day of the year. That he probably would’ve taken pictures with his loyal fans, had it not been for the fact that he and his wife of only a little over a month, were there to enjoy each others’ company).

Ian and Nikki deserve the same amount of alone time, or time spent with each other, as much as anyone else. Even Hollywood’s sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence, has said that she doesn’t like to be disturbed when she’s at a restaurant, eating.

I might be in a minority here, but I don’t think that just because someone’s famous, that it makes them overly accessible.