Z.A.P. – Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness

It’s been on my list for years (decades, even), but now that Nathan Fillion’s said it, I feel better about keeping ‘ZomPoc Prep’ listed as one of my skills (alas, I’ve yet to acquire the riches required for it to be a mere hobby!).
I’m still surprised that it alone has not gotten me more job offers (or even interviews) than it has. I fear people will only come to realize how important Z.A.P. is once it’s too late (at which time I’ll start charging for my own services).

I think it’s a downright shame that this is not at least an electable in schools today, and I would like to applaud Nathan Fillion for giving the subject of zombie survival skills some much needed and deserved attention. Maybe this’ll finally be the turning point.

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