A warning label by any other name…

I just got to reading a book I’ve been very excited about starting for a while now, The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. The cover of the book proudly shows off the praise it’s been given by this other author; you may actually have heard of him – George R. R. Martin?
If you haven’t, he’s the sinister but masterful executioner architect of A Song of Ice and Fire – you know, the books behind the equally bloody and incredible HBO show, Game of Thrones.

Martin’s exact words were:

“A fresh, original, and engrossing tale by a bright new voice”

Now, had I spent an extra minute actually thinking about what praise from George R. R. Martin probably meant, I’m fairly sure I could’ve avoided the heartbreak I’m currently going through (not saying that I would’ve – I mean, I probably wouldn’t have… I’m like 98,3% sure I wouldn’t, but the point is I could’ve).

Despite the heartbreak, I am really enjoying the book. Yes, some words will forever be illegible from fallen tears and yes, it still hurts a little whenever I pick the book back up. And there were a few days when I refused to get out from under my blankets, but I just got to keep remembering that time heals all wounds. Or at least, sort of, makes the pain fade some. Hopefully.
To paraphrase Ron Weasley, “You’re gonna suffer… but you’re gonna be happy about it…”.


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