Fancy with the footwork

I used to love noodles. Then I took an arrow to the knee ate more than my fair share of them in just a few weeks’ time.
It seemed like the perfect match; me, a high school student with just enough interest in “cooking”  to manage to put the noodles in the microwave and turn it on, and them, not only the easiest (hot) meal you could find, but also the cheapest and – at the time – my favorite.
Then I had nothing but noodles for three weeks straight.

Now, if I were you, I’d be wondering what my noodle tragedy (for it was a tragedy) has to do with fancy footwork, so let me get to the point.

I just saw the most awesome noodle commercial ever. All categories. This might even be the one thing that could convince me to try noodles again.

What with the ongoing World Cup in Brazil, I’m guessing there are a lot of people just throwing down couch-style when they get home from school/work/whatever, eager to watch their favorite teams, hopefully, closing in on the title of champions.
And they probably don’t want to spend all that much time (or any) on cooking when they get home, which leaves them with two options – ordering take-out or becoming a master chef of microwave dishes.
Cup Noodles knows this. So they came up with the best commerical ever.

This video stars the beyond-words-amazing Kotaro ‘Tokura’ Tokuda, a japanese freestyle football-star, who went to Brazil to show off some absolutely insane skills.
In a full body samurai armor.

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