Kiesza – Take You Higher

I was looking through some DIY-videos on YouTube when a pair of bright red sneakers and stonewashed jeans caught my eye, and before I knew it, I had clicked on Kiesza’s video for Take You Higher.

There are a couple of reasons why I can’t stop watching this video – one being, and should definitely so be – that I really like the song. Of course. Kind of self-explanatory.
Another reason is the clothes they’re wearing (and not just the clothes Kiesza is wearing; I love the “hammer pants”).
And, oh!, the dancing!

The main reason I stopped watching SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance) was because I was starting to get worried that I would, inevitably, fall victim to my unyielding desire to dance (even though I’ve been assured oh-so-many times and by oh-so-many people that I shouldn’t – for my own safety as well as for the safety of others)…
Nah, I’m not really that good with the whole “self-discipline”-thing, so that’s not really the reason at all. For some reason, somewhere, some exec made the (terrible) decision not to air SYTYCD in Sweden anymore. That’s the only reason I’m no longer watching it.
The whole “would’ve-succumbed-to my-own-fatal-disposition” is still very true. Watching other (*cough*talented*cough*) people perform incredible feats of almost herculean proportions does not help with my self-control issues. Monkey see, monkey thinks monkey can do…

Anyway… Watch and enjoy!


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